Simisola Okai

SIMISOLA-KOMOLAFESimisola Okai is a Producer for TPi and someone who loves to spend time with her family and friends. Simisola was born in Lagos, Nigeria were she lived for 8 years before migrating to Sydney, Australia with her family. In 1998, God moved Simisola to the US where she completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature and Writing and her Master’s Degree in Journalism. “I am Nigerian at heart yet I have really come to appreciate the places God has taken me to and embrace the diverse flavors of culture I have been exposed to.”

Throughout her life, Simisola has had the privilege of working with children from different age groups as a mentor, a tutor and a Sunday School teacher. “I love working with kids because I feel like they capture the essence of who God is; the purity of His heart and the gentleness of His spirit. I think it is so important to guard that in them because Jesus said ‘the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these’.” With her degree in Journalism and her passion for serving children, Simisola assumed she would graduate and become a magazine editor or a teacher, yet God had other plans for her. “God divinely orchestrated me to meet former TPi host Dr. Victor Oladokun and my conversation with him marked my introduction into the world of television. I came to CBN with a love in my heart for God and a desire to see lives transformed for His glory.” Simisola joined the TPi team in October 2007. “It is amazing to me that God would use someone like me to touch the lives of people from my home country Nigeria and all across Africa. It brings me so much joy to work with people who are dedicated to bringing positive programming to Africa.”

Simisola is married to Samuel and they have a beautiful son, Emmanuel. “Besides my role in the kingdom of God, being a wife and a mom is my highest calling. I am incredibly blessed.”