Embrace the Growth


By Cortney Wade

It’s amazing how patient God is with us. What a blessing! There are times we don’t do things God wants us to do or what He wants us to step in because of fear.

We encounter the fear of rejection, fear of change, or just fear of being uncomfortable for a season. When operating out of fear, you miss out on what God has for you. You can’t expect to grow if you fear change and God will make you feel uncomfortable when He is pushing you to grow.

He wants you to get everything He has for you. It’s that little tug on your heart, pushing you to do something. That’s God pushing you out of your comfort zone towards growth and change for the better. I know you all have felt it. But out of fear we sometimes may ignore it or try to rationalize with ourselves saying “no I can’t do that” when all along God just wants you to listen to Him.

I have recently become so content in my singleness and it’s great but when someone great comes along to date me I become fearful thinking this is gonna mess up my flow of what I’ve been doing and so many thoughts pop in my head. But you have to dismiss those thoughts and know that everything is a learning experience, and it is better to walk in faith and not in fear knowing that God has you in His hands every step of the way.


Copyright © Cortney Wade, used with permission.